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Hard Money Financing

Elite Lenders for Quick Temporary Funding

Get pre-approved in under 3 minutes, with no upfront credit check required


  • Rate: Rates from 11% 

  • Fees: 3-4% loan fee ( min. $3500 fee ) 

  • Term: 12 month loan term 

  • Loan Amount: 25k minimum loan 

  • Property Type: Non-owner occupied Condos, Townhomes, Multifamily and Mixed-Use Property.

  • Credit Score: No minimum score 

  • Loan-to-Value: Up to 70% ARV 

  • Loan Type: Purchase Rehab Loans or Refinance Rehab Loans New Build ( case by case ) 


We provide hard money loans to Real Estate Investors for non-owner occupied properties throughout the Southeast United States.

Documentation Required: 

  • Application, Executed Contract, Itemized Rehab Budget

  • Last 3 Bank / Savings Statements

  • Appraisal of ARV by Atlanta Private Lending approved appraiser (borrower is responsible for payment)

  • All Business Entity Documents 

We offer the private money loans, bad credit loans, and hard money loans USA residents need. Contact us today to work with best hard money lenders.

  • On property you already own

  • On property you want to buy

  • For rehab or construction

  • On retail or daycare properties

  • On vacant land or rural properties

  • On houses (except owner-occupied)

  • On buildings, churches, convenience stores

  • On any property in USA!

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You can get a loan proposal right after contacting us
You can close just a few days after that
No credit check or income verification required
Quick approvals

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